Senior Research Associate or Scientist I / II

CompanyAmphivena Therapeutics, Inc. is an immuno-oncology company based in South San Francisco, CA that is developing best-in-class T-cell engagers. The company’s lead drug candidate, AMV564, is a bivalent, bispecific CD33/ CD3 T cell engager that is selective for leukemic blasts and myeloid derived suppressor cells (MDSC), sparing normal myeloid cells (e.g., neutrophils and monocytes). To date, over 60 patients have received AMV564 across three Phase 1 clinical trials for acute myeloid leukemia (AML), myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS) and solid tumors. Amphivena’s mission is to eradicate cancers with breakthrough therapies that harness the patient’s own immune system to destroy tumor cells and their precursors.



We are seeking a motivated researcher to work in the development of novel therapeutics harnessing the immune system to eliminate cancer. You will participate in and help develop the scientific direction of research to identify and evaluate novel therapeutics. You will advance the pipeline through protein engineering and analyses of the physical properties of our bivalent, bispecific T cell engagers, to generate and identify superior clinical candidates for development.



  • Construct, purify and analyze novel T cell engagers generated using the Amphivena platform
  • Support the production of antibody reagents and protein therapeutics using appropriate techniques
  • Utilize and maintain relevant laboratory instrumentation for protein purification and analysis of protein production, stability and other physical properties
  • Work independently and make contributions to advance selection of therapeutic candidates
  • Maintain accurate and up to date laboratory records
  • Prepare reports and contribute data to both internal and external meeting presentations
  • Proactively remain informed with respect to relevant scientific literature
  • Promote a science-driven, goal-oriented culture with innovation, accountability and transparency



  • Ph.D. in molecular biology, biochemistry, cell biology or a related field with 2-4 years of experience or M.S. or B.S. with 6+ years of experience
  • Extensive hands-on experience in purification, stability analysis, formulation, and analysis of physical properties of therapeutic proteins is required; experience with construct generation and protein engineering is a bonus
  • Significant hands-on experience with protein purification techniques such as affinity, ion exchange and size exclusion chromatography and familiarity with the operation and maintenance of associated instrumentation (e.g. AKTA); significant experience with antibodies and/or antibody fragments or related constructs is strongly preferred
  • Experience with assessment of protein stability and formulation using relevant techniques and instrumentation
  • Experience with analytical methods and instrumentation used for characterization of candidate therapeutic proteins including analytical size exclusion chromatography (HPLC), ELISA, biolayer interferometry (Octet), dynamic light scattering
  • Fundamental skills in biochemistry, molecular biology and protein biology; experience with computational modeling and mutagenesis is a bonus
  • Strong analytical, problem-solving and decision-making skills
  • Record of accomplishment as evidenced by inclusion on publications, patents or public presentations
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills, organization, multitasking and demonstrated ability to work in a collaborative research environment; experience in small companies or start-up settings is a bonus



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