Multi-Target, Bivalent T-cell Engager Platform

We have developed a Multi-Target, Bivalent T-Cell Engager platform to be selective for clustered receptors that form during active signaling.

We are utilizing this strategy to maximize pharmacologic activity and minimize drug-related toxicity for Amphivena’s T-cell engagers.


Amphivena’s T-Cell Engager platform

Lead program - AMV564

CD33 is expressed and clustered on MDSC  (Myeloid Derived Suppressor Cells) and leukemic blasts. AMV564 is a homodimer which binds CD33 on myeloid cells and CD3 epsilon on the T cell receptor.

Ternary complexes produce an immune synapse that leads to T cell-directed lysis of target cells

AMV564 eliminates AML blasts and immunosuppressive MDSC via the selective binding to clustered CD33 on target cells and CD3 on T cells.

Distinct advantages for AMV564, a bivalent, bispecific 

T-cell engager

AMV564 mediated selective cell killing is driven by avid binding to cells where CD33 is expressed and clustered in an activated configuration, such as in leukemic blasts and MDSC, while sparing normal myeloid cells.